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  • We provide digital creativity for organizations, brands, agencies, and publishers all over the world.
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X Collab Studios is not your typical start-up. We do a lot of unconventional and strange things that most people may think a bit odd or crazy, But we are super excited about new ideas.

We experiment with new ideas and strategies in creating the next big thing in digital marketing. With our new strategies combined with artificial intelligence, Machine learning technologies, and friendly bots we have surpassed organization and company marketing and sales expectations. 

In our past experience, companies tend to be comfortable doing the same thing, just making incremental changes. But in the Technology and Digital Marketing industry, where revolutionary ideas drive the next big growth,  One needs to be a bit uncomfortable to stay relevant.

Rome Carpio

X Collab Studios


Best Digital Agency in Stockholm Sweden

Welcome to X Collab Studios, X Collab Studios is  a leading digital agency in Stockholm Sweden in the application of artificial intelligence and human creativity in digital marketing. Together we help companies, organizations, start ups and businesses generate leads and create brand awareness. X Collab Studios specialize in creating video marketing campaigns for social media marketing. We create, published, rank and distribute brand contents. Other products and services includes content production, web design, Shopify ecommerce web stores, animated Logo designs, 2D and 3D graphic designs and animations, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, script writing & voice over, YouTube subtitle translation services, product mock ups digital flyers, and email marketing. X Collab Studios is a digital agency founded by 2 friends in 2020 who excels in graphic designs, machine learning applications, and artificial intelligence. We specialize in creating and ranking YouTube contents . Why? because we have created our own secret strategy that can give your brand an unfair business advantage for your brand to stand out over your competition. As a digital marketing agency we focus primarily in distributing contents online using web development tools, search engine optimization, social media channel management, video hosting services, graphic designs and animation. We had help brands achieve the top spot on YouTube and Google search result and we can replicate the same winning strategy for your brand. Contact us today at +46729111594 and will help you create high converting contents that will wow your target audience.

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Digital Marketing

X Collab Studios is a digital agency located in  Stockholm  Sweden, we specialize in  creating and ranking video contents for social media distribution especially within Youtube. Why? because we have created our own API that can give your brand anunfair advantage for your contents to rank higher on youtube search result.  This is what we refer to as  Video Search Engine Ranking  otherwise called as VSER. Our very own video search engine optimizer can create an unfair business advantage  to your niche, business ot industry.

As a digital marketing agency we focus primarily in distributing contents online using different social media channels.  There is alot if not hundred of social media  platform in cyberspace and this is a good opportunities for Businesses to establish backlinks If you do not know what backlinks are please check our video( What isa backlinks  and why they are so important ) 

One of our key services is social media business promotion or social media management. We create, produce, distribute and rank contents on cyberspace.

Other services we  offer are

Web design and  development

Search Engine Optimization

Graphic designs and Animations

Dynamic logos and Corporate Branding

Content Production, Media Channels, and Data Storage Services 

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